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Frequently Asked Questions


What is included in the rental? The rental includes use of Point Washington Preserve's grounds and facilities - including the attached Florida cottage.

Does the venue provide tables and chairs? At this time, Point Washington Preserve does not have tables or chairs available for use. However, there are benches installed around the perimeter of the 5,000 Sq Ft pavilion that can sit around 100 people. We do have additional benches available for $10 each (200). There are also rental companies available on our Vendor List that provide table and chair rentals for events. 

Is the venue able to be enclosed?  Yes!

Are heaters available at the venue? We do have propane heaters available to rent at an additional cost of $120. 

How much is the rental fee? Point Washington Preserve's rental fee is $1,750 (Monday-Thursday) and $3,500 (Friday-Sunday), including sales tax. 

How much is the rental fee for non-profit organizations? The rental fee for non-profit's is 50% off - $1,500, except for on Friday, Saturday and Sundays, with the standard price of $3,500 (including sales tax).

What are the payment terms? A deposit for 50% of your Rental Fee must be paid when you sign the agreement, which will secure the booking of the date of your event. The remainder of the payment must be paid in full 30 days prior to the scheduled event. 

What is the venue clean-up policy?  Upon payment of remainder balance, you authorize Point Washington Preserve to deduct a Cleaning Fee of $250. Removal of all personal and event items must be completed no later than 10AM the following morning. 

What is the cancellation policy? All cancellations must be made 30 days prior to the agreed date and will result in loss of $500 from the original deposit.

How do I secure my date? Once you make your first payment of 50% of the rental fee, your date will be officially secured and reserved.

What are the times of the rental period? The rental period goes from 10AM, day of the event, and goes until check-out at 10 AM the following morning. 

How many bedrooms are in the cottage? The cottage has 2 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms. It also has a fold out couch in the living area. 

Can we use real candles in our wedding or event? Yes, you may use real candles for your event. However, all candles MUST be kept UNDER the pavilion at all times. No candles permitted inside the cottage.

How soon can we start setting up?  Set up can begin at 10AM, day of the event.

Do we need security for our event? If over 100 guests are in attendance at your event and alcohol is being served, we require that security be present onsite. We will provide Walton County Security at a cost of $30 per hour per guard, which includes a 4-hour minimum.

What are the rules for alcohol?  If you wish to serve alcohol at your event, then you must: (1) provide proof of a license if serving entity is SELLING alcohol, and (2) purchase and provide proof of liability insurance covering the event and add Point Washington Preserve as "Additional Insured" for the day of the event (Regardless if selling or open bar). Event insurance typically costs around $150, depending on expected attendance. You can find an insurance contact under our Vendor List. 

What happens if the venue is no longer available for my event for reasons beyond the venue's control, i.e., natural disaster, hurricanes, etc? Renter will have the option of choosing an alternate date to hold the event at no extra charge. If no alternate date is chosen, the agreement will then terminate and PWP will return all security deposits paid to date, with no further obligation to either party.

What is the smoking policy? There are cigarette disposal units at each entrance of the pavilion. Cigarette butts MUST be disposed of properly. Cleaning fee will be charged if cigarette butts (or litter of any kind) are not picked up and placed in proper receptacles provided. It is the renter's responsibility to ensure their guests are aware of this policy. 

What about catering services? All events at Point Washington Preserve must be catered. We do not have a prep kitchen and there is to be no cooking (grilling, deep-frying, etc) on the premises unless approved and provided a designated cooking area by Point Washington Preserve. Any violation of this policy could result in damages in which renter will be responsible for. You can find a list of Caterer's on our Vendors List

What do I do if the venue obtains damage during my event? The Renter assumes responsibility for any physical damage, abuse, and/or missing items that occurs to or from the property establishment or employees in association with your event. When setting up any decorations, do not use nails, screws or thumbtacks to attach them. Instead please use paperclips or tape. Per the signed agreement, Point Washington Preserve reserves the right to charge Renter, and Renter agrees to pay, the cost of repairing and/or replacing verified damage and/or missing items pursuant to this provision. If Renter notices any damage prior to or during event, please contact your PWP representative.

Does the pavilion have power?  Yes, we have 3- 20 amp circuits with multiple receptacles.

What are the dimensions of the pavilion? 100' long x 50' wide